Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's the Point?

The point of My Life in Cricket Scorecards is to provide me with an opportunity to write about cricket, and to continue conversations about cricket that started, in some cases, several decades ago. The intended audience consists of friends and aquaintances with whom I have spent time at the cricket, in Kent, where I come from, in Bristol where I lived for almost twenty years, and in New Zealand, where I live now.

Last time I was in the UK I retrieved from my parents' attic several manilla folders full of scorecards of matches that I attended from the mid-sixties, when it all started, to 1997, when I moved to New Zealand. I had them sent out, and going through them realised that they tell my story, to me if nobody else.  Hence, My Life in Cricket Scorecards. That and the fact that I have tried and failed to come up with a witty title that links Kent, Gloucestershire and the Basin Reserve.

Some posts will feature one of these scorecards, some will record going to the cricket now, and some will be on random topics, historical and contemporary.

Anybody wanting to comment on this or any other post will observe that I have made all comments subject to moderation. This is because for professional reasons I can't allow anything with a political dimension to appear on the blog, but is really because 98% of comments in what we must learn to call the "blogosphere" are by people who can neither think nor write, but are attempting to do both at the same time.

This should not deter anybody who stumbles across My Life in Cricket Scorecards from commenting. All interesting contributions are welcome, provided that they are not offensive or abusive, are written in decent English, and are non-political.

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